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Helipad/Heliport/Helideck Lighting Systems

Friars Airfield Solutions have our own portfolio of helipad, heliport, helideck and helimed lighting systems. Multiple power supply options are available including 48V DC from our controller which enables the lights to be dimmable at 100%, 30% and 10%. 230V AC for no dimming control and conventional 6.6A if a helipad is required to be powered by a CCR. Pilot activated control (PAL) is also available for the pilot to have full control and brighness of the lights using the microphone in the helicopter. 

Our product range consists of electrical cabinets and lighting controllers, inset, elevated and flat surface mounted lights covering TLOF (Touchdown and Lift Off Area Perimeter), FATO (Final Approach and Take Off Area), approach, taxiway and perimeter lighting, floodlights, HAPI (Helicopter Approach Path Indicator), GPI (Glide Path Indicator), beacon, WDI (Wind Direction Indicator) and air transit route markers.

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