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Airfield Elevated Lights

TKH Airport Solutions elevated lights are efficient LED lights that meet the highest requirements in design and development. The use of shatter-proof and scratch-resistant glass and the high temperature resistance range guarantee a lifetime of 20 years. The risk of damage is greatly reduced and therefore a significant reduction in maintenance costs and material consumption can be achieved. Shape, size and weight have a positive impact on the wind load and in addition, the lights offer a high resistance to the plane’s jet wash and provide ideal illumination even under difficult conditions.

The innovative elevated lights from TKH Airport Solutions meet the specific demands for easy mounting, alignment and service. The flexible product concept allows an easy adaption of the products into existing structures of airport lighting. The lights meet the requirements of international standards.

Most of the elevated lights are also available in our CEDD® solution.

To learn more about any of the airfield lighting products found below, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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